Net Zero Carbon Development.

Net Zero Carbon is the dominant thematic for businesses and the built environment. Some say we should be working towards carbon negative and there may be a lot of truth in that-but either way how do you get there?  Many opportunities are still out there-especially around hydrogen as a fuel, waste heat recovery, waste as a resource, as well as new forms of energy generation and storage options.

The UK Industrial Strategy, December 2017, drives Clean Growth and the shift of global investment towards the clean economy is highlighted through the growth of Green Bonds issuance. Although the UK has reduced CO2e emissions by around 38% in 2017 from the 1990 baseline, which is very good going. We still need to reduce our annual CO2e  emissions by around 250 Mt to achieve our national target of 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.

Whilst we have achieved a lot-we still have much to do. We also know through direct experience that the carbon savings going forward will be tougher to attain without truly embedding process and systemic step changes using new technologies including thinking such as 

  • Hydrogen as a fuel replacement;
  • Microbial fuel cells -harnessing the power of bacteria;
  • Photovoltaic glass using salts to absorb energy; and
  • Heat recovery from waste gas sources becoming more and more prevalent including using waste heat from cooling technologies. 


The true cost of doing business through Environmental Product Development (EPD!

Understanding the true cost of doing business within today’s world has never been more prevalent.

If you are under pressure from your customers to report on the environmental impacts of your products and services, please let us know.

We can help!

We can offer you carbon modelling of the business processes and products.

We can create carbon footprints and carbon reporting of goods and services.

We can create an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the goods and services to an internationally accepted standard.

Which can be shared with your customers, and used as a baseline tool to drive improvement going forward.

If you need this help please let us know.  And being fully transparent, we use LCA software, from One Click LCA.