Environmental and Health Development

London will soon be running on 100% renewable within the historic and primary business districts which is anticipated during to happen during October 2018. Renewable energy is one pathway to better environmental impacts. The UK Government is due to publish it’s update air quality strategy shorty but we are already seeing UK cities moving to reduce air pollution with 33 Local Authorities responding to the Government with plans to reduce roadside Nitrogen Oxides, NOx due by October 2018.

Ecosystem services and natural resource management are all interdependent of each other and in turn independent with overall health development. The use of Green and Blue Space in relation to mental health well-being and sustainable communities, is well documented with Public Health England. We have known for some time that people who live in areas within our cities and urban developments that have more green or blue space have better mental health.

Green Infrastructure can used to help with water attenuation in upland areas by landowners and famers and can play a very important part in flood water management as well as water purification and waste treatment all helping with provisioning services to the local community.

Analysis of ecosystem services as a package of cohesive environmental societal benefits can provide valuable insight to the stakeholder community, including businesses and individuals. The application of ecosystem management can frame a very different series of viewpoints relating to the management of land, water and living resources, delivering new thinking and doing that goes beyond our normal business frames of reference.

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