Hydrogen as a fuel-how real an option is it?

Well….Hydrogen fuel cell technology only has an output at the point of use of electricity and water!. How good is that?

And if you want to mix 20% hydrogen with your natural gas fuel stream to cut carbon emissions in your combustion process then it is possible.

Hydrogen/gas mixtures could be transported, stored. and converted into electricity where required.

We would argue that Power to Gas (P2G) technology is the prepared approached as it supports the volatility of current renewable energy sources.

Wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine!

We can also combine CO2 with hydrogen to produce a synthetic and renewable natural gas using a process known as methanation.

Core benefits:

  • High efficiencies ~60%+overall
  • Low maintenance of the system
  • Links very well with renewable energy sources such as wind turbines
  • Fuel cells use hydrogen and oxygen from air to generate electricity with only the only by products of heat and water
  • Hydrogen CHP units can reach 80% efficiency using Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)
  • Can be a form of carbon sequestration

The hydrogen economy is coming and coming fast!

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