Building overheating in the summer?

If your building internal temperature reaches over 28 Degree Centigrade for over 1% of the time-then technically it is overheating. Health and wellbeing of staff is vital in your business to maximum the core potential of the business and have happy, hard working, dedicated staff.

How much do you really consider such aspects? Is it keeping you awake at night as you know spring and summer are coming and the need for additional portable air condition units looms.¬† We know this is real with ever¬† every increasing summer temperatures we are experiencing in the UK. Extremes?…No doubt about that.

We know you have options but please consider alternatives approaches where we offer you clear engineering led options and demonstrate the benefits of each and collectively as a whole. How?

Well we use Dynamic Simulation Modelling Software known as Vabi Elements. Why Vabi?

Well it models such engineering changes in real time-there and then with minimum waiting time. This speeds up your decision making process enormously.

It is really effective and informative. If you are not convinced then great-there lies an opportunity for us!!! Let us convince you. Talk to us…please!


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