Sustainability strategy development; it’s the clever choice. FERO Consulting Ltd. Pushing the boundaries.

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“Despite confusing claims and counterclaims of scientists, corporations, interest groups and politicians about the whether the world is in catastrophic decline or not? It is fair to say that we all know that something is not right!”

Jay Harman, The Shark’s Paintbush”-Nicholas Brealey Publishing.

Catastrophic decline or not, businesses are being asked to operate in very turbulent climates-whether due to ever changing weather patterns, disruptive technologies or changing political scenarios driving more and more legislation or indeed something else again.

The ability of the business to identify risk, and be able to grasp opportunities that come along whilst balancing the tension between business finances with social and environmental actions and outcomes is all mission critical.


We are here to help with just such a question.

We are a group of strong business change leaders at strategic, operational and implementation levels who will help you push the boundaries of understanding and success whilst balancing the tensions described. We offer core services such as;

  • Sustainability advice, planning and communications;
  • Sustainable material selection and passports;
  • Energy and carbon influencing ideas and actions; and
  • Environmental impact improvement and know how

We are sustainability driven practitioners with the belief that enhancing your corporate sustainability performance level is our delivery goal. All supported by our scientific knowledge base and distinctive business guile.

“Giving clients the ability to adapt to an ever changing business environment”.

Working with our core partner Beacon Technology, we have launched a new carbon emissions accounting tool kit supporting SECR and GHG protocols. It is clear and simple to use. Please check out:



Fero Consulting  working with industry, promoting sustainability through; design, innovation and dynamic change.

Pushing for higher levels of sustainability will have a positive impact on your business. Please talk to us if you want to challenge this thinking.

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